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Abbildung Sprühtrocknungswerk, DeutschlandAbbildung Sprühtrocknungswerk, Deutschland


Spray drying facility/Yeast extraction plant at Leiber GmbH in Engter, Germany

Our spray drying facility, which was taken into service in 2010 and extended in 2014, is located around 5 km away from the headquarter in Bramsche in Engter. 
The yeast extraction plant has also been located here since 2018. The yeast cell is broken down biotechnically into its different nutrient-containing elements and processed into high-quality products here. Yeast extracts produced in the extraction plant are further refined here and dried to form powders using the latest technology. Adjoining the spray tower is a semi-automated high-bay racking facility with capacity for some 4000 pallets. All yeast extract products for our customers are loaded from this warehouse.