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Leibe YeaFi® AC

Leiber YeaFi® AC consists of 40% real brewers’ yeast (100% saccharomyces cerevisiae), which is bound to the carrier substances apple pomace (30%) and carrot (30%) in a gentle drying process. The special combination of high-quality brewers’ yeast with these natural carriers creates a very tasty product with a high proportion of easily fermentable fibres. The known, positive effect of the brewers’ yeast is then extended to the skin, coat and hoof quality, for example, ideally with the beneficial effects of the carriers such as β-carotenoids (e.g. promotion of epithelial cells) from carrot.
The alternative grain plus feed recommendation
Leiber YeaFi® BTR / BTR-Bierhefe® or Leiber YeaFi® BT / BT-Bierhefe®