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Leiber® brewers´ grains

Leiber® brewers´ grains is a high-quality brewery by-product, which is produced during beer production as a solid residue of the malt brewers´ grains are very tasty and improve feed intake. In the ration, brewers´ grains increase the milk yield and the protein content of the milk. The high structure value leads to optimized rumen efficiency (dietetic effect). Brewers´ grains have a high protein content with a high rumen stability of the protein (60%) and can be easily silaged without additives, and are particularly stable in storage.
  • Increases feed intake and stabilizes digestion
  • Increases the milk yield and the protein content of the milk
  • 60 % rumen stable protein, which means less formation of ammonia
  • Diarrhoea inhibiting effect due to increased water binding


Spent grains is practical in its application, easy to ensile and particularly storage-stable.

Optimal and palatable feed additive for cattle and pig farming
  • suitable for any ration
  • is particularly storage-stable due to optimised lactic/acetic acid ratio,
  • has a high protein and energy content as optimal supplement for maize and gras silage.

The heart of our spent grains business

Developed and fine-tuned over decades, our highly efficient logistics ensures a flexible and smooth purchase of the wet spent grains from breweries.

Individual needs of our customers with regard to specific delivery conditions are met in an uncomplicated way.

A competent team allows flexible dispatching and thus swift balancing between supply and demand for the benefit of both breweries and customers.


Spent grains for direct feeding?
Spent grains for silaging?
What do you need to know?
What combination options with other feeds are advisable and possible?
What dietary effect is associated with spent grains?

A lot of questions? - A lot of answers!
With our specialised consultants in the field – with education in agricultural sciences - we offer a service to our customers that guarantees a secure and efficient application.