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Abbildung BM-BierhefeAbbildung BM-Bierhefe

Leiber YeaFi® BM (Brewers’ yeast-BM)

Leiber YeaFi® BM (Brewers’ yeast-BM) consists up to 40% of real brewers’ yeast, which has been bound to 60% malt sprouts by means of a special process. Due to the supplementation of the brewers’ yeast with the valuable oligo- and polysaccharides from the malt sprouts, Leiber YeaFi® BM (Brewers’ yeast-BM) stabilizes the stomach and bowel function, and thus supports digestion and the metabolism particularly intensively.
  • Stabilisation and regeneration of the intestinal flora
  • Supply of high-quality nutrients and active substances to the piglets
  • Support for the formation of the digestive system and the formation of digestive enzymes