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Abbildung Cefi ProAbbildung Cefi Pro

CeFi® pro

CeFi® pro consists of the cell contents and the cell walls of the brewers’ yeast, which are released from their natural compound by a gentle and effective hydrolysis process, so that the individual cell components can optimally develop their effect. In doing so, the beta-glucan and mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) of the cell wall causes direct support of the immune system by virtue of the absorption and inactivation of pathogens/toxins. On the other hand, the combination with the natural RNA constituents, the nucleotides, nucleosides, as well as the pyrimidine and purine bases of the brewers’ yeast, bring about relief for the immune system by supporting and accelerating cell renewal and regeneration. Therefore, the use of CeFi® pro is especially recommended for young animals or immunodeficient animals.
  • Support in the development and integrity of bowel tissue, especially in the early stages of development
  • Increased growth due to the high bio-availability of nucleic acids, nucleotides and nucleosides
  • Support of the cell reproduction and cell regeneration
  • Improvement in immunity and resistance to infections and stressful situations