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Abbildung Beta-S PlusAbbildung Beta-S Plus

Leiber®Beta-S Plus

Leiber®Beta-S Plus consists of a combination of high-purity 1.3-1.6-beta-D-glucan molecules and the cell walls of the real brewers’ yeast (100 % saccharomyces cerevisiae). It therefore combines the advantages of the pre-biotic effects of the cell walls with the efficient, immunomodulating effect of the high-purity beta-glucan molecules. The native structure of the beta-glucan molecules and, thus, their biological activity, also remains under this particularly sensitive process and ensures the unique efficiency of the immuno-modulating effect of Beta-S Plus during the digestive passage. The prebiotic ingredients act as a substrate for the microflora in the intestine, and influence effectively the digestive and adsorption processes.
  • Promotes balanced intestinal flora
  • Improved digestibility of the organic mass
  • Improvement of the cellular and humoral defence mechanisms
  • Support of immunological competence in new-born and young animals