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Abbildung FermentationAbbildung Fermentation
Brewers’ yeast extractsMore than just a nitrogen source


In the complex world of biotechnology and Fermentation Leiber Brewers’ yeast extracts have proven to be more than just a nitrogen source! Together with our in-house professionals as well as with our external R&D partners we at Leiber have developed some of the most unique Brewers’ yeast extracts. Leiber Brewers’ yeast extracts not only provide a very high concentration of free amino acids and peptides, but are also rich in B vitamins, minerals and nucleotides to fulfil the very specific nutrition requirements of living cells.

Leiber Brewers’ yeast extracts have found their way into countless applications, ranging from straight forward fermentations up to complex processes of first and secondary metabolites production. All Leiber functional yeast extracts are of non-animal origin to even replace animal derived substrates.