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Abbildung FermentationAbbildung Fermentation
Brewers’ yeast extractsMore than just a nitrogen source

More than just a nitrogen source

The metabolism of a living organism is a complex process, that’s why it’s most important for the multiplication of microorganisms to have an extensive and balanced source of nutrients. Imagine there would be no fermentation tomorrow - no beer, no bread, no vinegar, no wine, no fish sauce, no cheese and no more affordable lemonade. Biotechnological products produced by fermentation actually meet us in almost all areas of life. Even in detergents and in pharmaceutical products we find biotechnology. Thus, many important biocatalysts as well as drugs for the manufacture of medicines are produced by small living factories, the microorganisms. Without biotechnology, there would be no vaccines, no insulin, or highly specialized anti-rheumatic agents, and much more!
Leiber brewers’ yeast extracts are much more than just a nitrogen source. We have succeeded in developing products, which have unique properties and thus make a very important contribution to the biotechnological production of numerous, valuable products.