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Abbildung FermentationAbbildung Fermentation
Brewers’ yeast extractsMore than just a nitrogen source

Our product range

The biotechnological industry uses microorganisms to produce valuable substances. However, as versatile as the cultivated microorganisms are, as versatile are their demands on the nutritional supply. And that‘s what we can offer for you! Because of Leiber’s know-how and technologies, we are able to offer individualized yeast extract products that cover the entire range of nutritionals for, e.g., bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi and cell cultures, as well as for the production of bulk chemicals to highly complex, functional proteins. Our Leiber-Fermentation products offer the right composition for your application.

Leiber‘s products cover a wide range of applications. Our brewers‘ yeast extracts are rich in growth-promoting components, such as free amino acids, peptides, vitamins, as well as valuable minerals and trace elements that are an integral part of biotechnology.

In addition to the full area of application in industrial biotechnology, our yeast extracts are often used in the fermentation of food products because of their very pure and special character. In cooperation with numerous partner universities and research institutions, we have been able to highlight the advantages of using yeast extracts in beer production. The increase of aroma-active components or the shortening of the storage time of the beer by faster by-product degradation are only a few examples of the advantages of our yeast extracts. Furthermore, by addition of Leiber‘s yeast extracts wine and vinegar production can be shortened and improved. Additionally, the very time-consuming fermentations of soy or fish sauces can be accelerated and ultimately, significantly improved in taste.

Our slogan: "Fermentation Yeast Extract - More than just a nitrogen source" clearly implies that our products can do much more than just supply proteins, peptides, and amino acids as complex nitrogen sources. It is rather the essential and unique entirety of building blocks, vitamins, minerals, traces and others, that are so important to life, growth, and production that makes our extracts so unique. For example, B-vitamins play an essential role in metabolism of production microorganisms, e.g. functioning as important cofactors for diverse enzymatic reactions. The next figure shows the high natural content of B-vitamins in brewers’ yeast extract compared to the bakers yeast extracts.

Grafik ThiamineGrafik Thiamine
Grafik Pathothenic acidGrafik Pathothenic acid
Grafik NiacineGrafik Niacine
Grafik Folic acidGrafik Folic acid
Grafik RiboflavineGrafik Riboflavine
Grafik BiotineGrafik Biotine
Grafik PyridoxineGrafik Pyridoxine
Grafik InositolGrafik Inositol
Grafik CholineGrafik Choline