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Brewers’ yeast extractsMore than just a nitrogen source

Leiber-Fermentation E

Pure and debittered brewers’ yeast extract
This specially treated yeast extract provides a well-balanced concentration of free amino acids, growth promoting vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Its rich concentration of peptides and nucleotides makes Leiber-Fermentation E the perfect choice for big scale industrial fermentation. Additionally it’s used in the fermentation of food products, like wine vinegar, soy and fish sauces.


  • Starter culture production
  • Organic acids production, e.g. amino, fatty, acetic acids
  • Bioethanol production
  • Biopharmaceutical production (bulk and specialties)
  • Technical enzymes and specialties
  • Hormone and vaccine production
  • Brewing beer
  • Fermented food, e.g. vinegar, soy, fish and oyster sauces


5.0 – 30.0 g/L
2.0 – 15.0 g/L

1.0 – 20.0 g/L 
5.0 – 20.0 g/L
5.0 – 20.0 g/L
5.0 – 20.0 g/L
0.1 –   5.0 g/L
0.5 – 15.0 g/L


  • Well-balanced concentration of free amino acids
  • Growth promoting vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • High degree of hydrolysis
  • Clear water soluble
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Gluten-free according to Regulation (EU) No 828/2014
  • GMO free

Product codeProduct nameConsistency
100413Leiber-Fermentation EPowder
101308Leiber-Fermentation E, VPaste
100393Leiber-Fermentation E, LLiquid