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Brewers’ yeast extractsMore than just a nitrogen source

Leiber®Fermentation E

Deittered and well balanced Brewers’ yeast extract 

Leiber-Fermentation E is a pure and debittered brewers’ yeast extract. This specially treated yeast extract provides a well-balanced concentration of free amino acids, growth promoting vitamins and trace elements. Its rich concentration of peptides and nucleotides makes Leiber-Fermentation E the perfect choice for big scale industrial fermentation.

Leiber-Fermentation E is available as free flowing powder, viscous paste with 70% dray matter or as liquid product with 50% dry matter.


  • Production of amino and nucleic acids
  • Cultivation of starter cultures for meat and dairy
  • Hormone production

Product code Product name Consistency
100413 Leiber Fermentation E Powder
100496 Leiber Fermentation E, V Paste
100393 Leiber Fermentation E, L Liquid