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Brewers’ yeast extractsMore than just a nitrogen source

Leiber-Fermentation H

Purified and amino acid enriched Brewers’ yeast extract

Leiber-Fermentation H is a purified and amino acid enriched brewers’ yeast extract. This advanced yeast extract with its high concentration of valuable free amino acids is a complex source of nutritions, growth promotion vitamins and trace elements. Leiber-Fermentation H has found its way into numerous high tech applications, ranging from starter culture cultivation up to complex fermentation based on recombinant strains.

Leiber-Fermentation H is available as free flowing agglomerated powder or as liquid product with 50% dry matter.


  • Vitamin production
  • Hormone production
  • Vaccine production
  • Production of amino and nucleic acids

Product codeProduct nameConsistency
100434Leiber-Fermentation HPowder
100395Leiber-Fermentation H, LLiquid