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The ability to be used in a variety of food applications is the hallmark of Leiber brewers' yeast extracts. It's not just the classic applications based on the taste profile or taste-harmonising properties, but rather a variety of functional properties that make our brewers' yeast extracts interesting as “ingredients” for developing recipes.

The functionality of brewers' yeast extracts is demonstrated in a wide, innovative product portfolio: extracts as natural, brown colourants, extracts for improving the creaminess of “low fat products”, extracts for both maximising and masking or harmonising the product's own taste profiles or individual taste impressions, such as pungency, bitterness, acidity, savoury, spiciness etc., extracts to be used as salt replacer , extracts for fermentation applications, and extracts or extract fractions applied as a carrier substance for micro-encapsulations of temperature-sensitive components, such as flavours, colourants, etc.

An interesting portfolio of extracts with special taste profiles complements the range of these functionalities that can only be achieved in this form by brewer's yeast extracts and therefore enable the user to develop sensorily innovative products.