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The current clean label trend in the food processing industry demands substituting food ingredients with an E-number for natural, E-number-free alternatives. This also affects the application of colourants. The colourant “Caramel” (E150) is used in numerous food applications to generate a brown colour.

“Caramel” is produced by applying a thermal treatment to a mixture of sugar, acids, carbonate and other additives. The resulting brownish colourant is seen as a food additive and has to be labelled with an E-number.

Leiber’s yeast extract portfolio comprises several brownish to dark brown yeast extracts that show excellent colouring effects with different intensities depending on the dosage. These colouring extracts are seen as natural, E-number-free foodstuffs. Our Asada-type extract can particularly replace E 150-Caramel as an E-number free alternative

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