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Leiber® Asada D, LS

Leiber’s functional colouring solution

This product is available as free-flowing, agglomerated powder as well as a paste with 70% dry matter. Several advantages compared to E150-Caramel are evident:

  • No colour fading during storage
  • Slight taste promotion (roasted meat-like flavour)
  • Attractive colouring effects
  • pH-stable colouring
  • Kosher & Halal


  • Meat products
  • Sauces, seasonings and gravies
  • Snacks and bakery products
  • Unfiltered beverages

Benefit Leiber® Asada D, LS

  • Colourant alternative to “Caramel”
  • Different application forms (powder or paste)
  • Simple dosage
  • Clean label

Product codeProduct nameConsistencySalt on d.m.
100540Leiber-Asada D, LSPowder<2 %
101093Leiber-Asada D, LS, VPaste<2 %