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Abbildung Taste ProfileAbbildung Taste Profile

Leiber - Seafood

Leiber has developed specifically blended yeast extracts from spent brewers' yeast to create a range of Seafood Boosters that allow developers to take a broader approach when creating seafood profiles that appeal to consumers worldwide. In combination with different seafood proteins Leiber’s Seafood Boosters help balance and enhance the taste of seafood based soups like clam chowder, sauces like Belacan or mask off-notes of fish proteins like Tilapia.


  • Seafood products like: Pastes, soups, stocks, sauces, snacks etc.
  • Especially for Asian Seafood profiles like:
    Shrimp paste/Belacan Booster
  • Convenience products / r-t-e meals


  • 0.75 - 2.0 % (wt./wt.) of the final product anddepending on the demanding seafood profile


  • General improvement of various seafood profiles
  • Powerful, fresh and roasted shrimp / anchovy profiles
  • Suitable for widely used Asian shrimp paste / Belacan profiles
  • Strong immediate and lasting, full-bodied seafood taste
  • Clean label
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Gluten-free according to Regulation (EU) No 828/2014
  • GMO free

Shrimp SauceShrimp SauceShrimp Sauce
Product codeProduct nameConsistencySalt on d.m.
101297Leiber-Seafood Booster ASIAPowder15 %
101298Leiber-Shrimp/Prawn BoosterPowder19 %