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Eating Healthier food is a trend attracting interest all over the world. The decision to maintain a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has many reasons including ethics, animal rights, overall health, religion, climate protection and global food supply issues.

Three main vegetarian/vegan product groups exist in the marketplace:

  • Vegetarian/vegan meat and milk substitutes
  • Vegetable spreads
  • Cereals and snacks
To serve this ongoing trend, product developers of vegetarian/vegan products are faced with some major challenges like:
  1. asking the genuine, unpleasant tastes of alternative vegetable proteins (i.e. pea, lupine, soy, etc.) used in those kind of  applications.
  2. Giving these applications the desired, typical taste profile (body note) and/or a dedicated top note.
  3. Achieving a pleasant appearance/colour like "barbecued meat" e.g. for meat analogues.

Based on the unique properties of brewers' yeast extract Leiber has developed a comprehensive application concept for the development of innovative, vegetarian/vegan consumer products.