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Veaty® - Concept

The Leiber Veaty® Range:

A “building block system” for vegetarian/vegan product developments
Based on the well known building block concept of the flavour industry
Leiber has developed several sensorial and technical solutions related to
vegetarian/vegan consumer products.

Leiber Veaty® Masking extracts allow product developers an opportunity to neutralise the unpleasant taste profiles of alternative proteins (i.e. algae, chickpea, pea, soy, etc.), using non-compounded ingredients that suppress negative raw material tastes.

Taste profiles – Body Notes (BN):
Leiber Veaty® Body Note extracts make it easier to meet consumer expectations about the labelled taste profile of specific vegetarian/vegan products (e.g. beefy taste). Profiles like – savoury, meaty, beefy, pork, etc. – are available.

Taste profiles – Top Notes (TN):
Leiber Veaty® Top Note extracts allow customization of the basic product profile by imparting a unique top note to “complete” the entire taste of the product.

Especially when developing meat analogues the colour of the product can determine consumer acceptance. Leiber Veaty® Colour Brown natural brown extract (clean label) imparts a product appearance like being barbecued/charred, roasted or even meaty.


All products of the Leiber Veaty® range comply with the requirements of
VLOG certification: A GMO free certification on the basis of EGGenTDurchfG.