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Brownish yeast extracts (powder & paste)
taste profile: Varieties of roasted, BBQ-notes

These new Leiber-AROSTA yeast extracts are comparable to reaction flavours / process flavourings concerning their taste profiles as well as their taste intensity. Due to a specially developed process, where a 100% yeast extract is gently concentrated and dried without adding any other additives, it is possible to create these specific taste profiles.

The AROSTA- extracts still can be labeled as yeast extracts or natural flavours - clean label – because they don’t belong to the group of “reaction flavours” which have to be labeled with an E-number.


  • Savoury food preparations
  • Fried and roasted foods
  • Bakery products, snacks and seasonings
  • Sausages and meat products
  • Convenience products, ready meals
  • Vegetarian food preparations

Benefit Leiber-Arosta

  • Powerful, roasted, BBQ-taste profiles
  • Clean label -alternative to reaction flavours
  • Low dosage
  • Paste and powder form available
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher & Halal