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Abbildung Interyeast (Kopie)Abbildung Interyeast (Kopie)

SoYE Sauce – The allergen free alternative to soy sauce

Conventional soy sauce, whose basic ingredients are water, soy beans and salt, originated in Asia many hundreds of years ago. Over its’ history different versions have developed that include rice and wheat. The distinctive flavour profile of soy sauce, no matter the ingredients, is used in a wide range of food applications including meat, vegetable and seafood dishes.

Since ethnic flavour and food are a worldwide trend, formulators and developers have the task to create compatible taste profiles to soy sauce. However, because of allergen concerns with soy and gluten, and a desire for powdered alternatives, development can be a challenge.

Leiber’s new, innovative allergen free (no soy, no gluten) SoYE Sauce - solely based on natural yeast extract – gives developers the tools to achieve typical soy sauce taste without using soy. Available in powder form and without soy or wheat allergens SoYE Sauce also contains a high content of naturally occurring B Vitamins.

Using Leiber’s SoYE Sauce to create the typical soy sauce taste profiles allows the development of novel applications.

The colour as well as the salt content are adjustable according to customer’s requirements.


  • Instant soups
  • Dry blends for gravies, snacks (dustings) and seasonings
  • Dry marinades and coatings
  • Catering and food service
  • Convenience food and ready meals
  • Savoury food preparations Sausages and meat products
  • Vegetarian and vegan applications


  • 0.5 - 2.0 % depending on taste profile desired


  • Allergen free, powder form alternative to soy sauce (free from soy and gluten)
  • Free from sugar, wheat, MSG and carriers
  • No alcohol included, Halal certified
  • Clear water soluble
  • Clean label
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free according to Regulation (EU) No 828/2014
  • GMO free

SoYE Sauce DracheSoYE Sauce Drache
Soye SauceSoye Sauce
Product codeProduct nameConsistencySalt on d.m.
101496Leiber-SoYE SaucePowder32 %
101497Leiber-SoYE Sauce, LSPowder< 8 %