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Yestimun® study published Yestimun® study published
The peer-review journal „Food and Nutrition Science“ published the first big scale intervention study of Yestimun® in their June issue. The present study demonstrates a prophylactic effect of yeast beta-glucan on the occurrence of common colds as opposed to placebo. In addition, when these episodes occurred, they were from the beginning less pronounced and subsided faster.

The study design is in contrast to traditional “proof of efficacy” concepts as all significant results in the present study have been shown in the healthy general population. Therefore this study is full in line with the regulation EU No 1924/2006 on nutrition and health-claims of food.

The acquired study-design was the first one to get an EFSA approval for immune health-claims and gathered a great deal of attention among experts. An additional new study now repeats the significant results over the whole study period, now included in the new health-claim application for Yestimun®. This publication also discusses some actual decisions of the EFSA and compares the effect-size with known immune-ingredients like zinc, ascorbic acid and Echinaceae.

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